Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Have You Ever Been

Have you ever been at the wrong place at the right time, or the right place at the wrong time, or whichever description fits the tight spot between a rock and a hard place? If so then you understand the way it feels to be suddenly blindsided by negative things out of your control. At such times I grab my bootstraps, tug with all my might, and hold panic firmly at bay, while scrambling to put things in perspective. Damage control is needed here.
Have you ever been at nowhere important, on your way to deadendville, and made an almost too late u-turn just before no turning back avenue? Ever notice how the trip there feels like complete torture but coming back feels like total liberation? My favorite part of the trip is journeys end, and the silence of my soul. Faith and valor must drive this bus.
Have you ever been at the right place at just the right time? Then you know what it feels like to experience fates magic touch. Moments like that happen to me at regular intervals, some profound, some less so, but I notice every one. I hope I never grow so jaded as to ignore their brilliance. They are the touchstones on my journey that tell me I tread the path custom made just for me. Freefalling is safe and recommended here, fighting fate inspires unnecessary turbulence that will only keep you from even beginning the trip designed with only you in mind.