Friday, February 25, 2005

A Perfect Example

I am sorry I missed posting yesterday, but it was a day full of lessons that held me hostage until the wee hours of today. The biggest lesson I learned yesterday is one I already knew, but its different context brought it home even more solidly than it already was.
I wanted to grow. I was seeking something simple. Changing from dial up to cable. Simple right? Think again. I moved furniture to get my computer closer to cable hook up. I spent the day waiting for the cable dude. I took all the steps I could think of to make it an easy transition.
The big moment arrived then passed without success. The just of it is that for some reason my computer would not let us do what needed to be done to change over from one thing to the other. He left it all behind and walked away. I began to panic thinking that he was right and I needed a new computer.
For just a moment I gave into the pull to just give up then I talked to a knowledgeable friend. From 4pm yesterday until 2am today we worked together to solve this problem. When I got offline I was still using dial up (cord snaking across floor from one side of room to the other), but we had narrowed the issue down to a place where I can step with some confidence. At least I will not simply be tempted to give up hope of this change.
Change demands things of us. Sometimes even the simplest alterations are difficult in extreme ways. Lack of knowledge, or funds, or whatever else can try to convince us to say screw it and settle for second best. External changes hold the same rules of conduct as internal ones to reach success. Standing still is guaranteed unless a person is committed to making every attempt possible to insure success.
I took a crash course in computer repair yesterday. I used a screw driver when my mouse and keyboard would not reach deep enough to solve it. I learned how to remove cards and as soon as I purchase a new one I will retry all the things learned, before I am content to settle for dial up for now. Without the help of a smart cookie I might have simply given up.
So if you are faced with a mountain that you do not know how to scale, look around. A climber with tips might show you the path that you should take, but you have to be brave enough to trust in them and yourself, or you might be sitting at its base for a lifetime. Meet the demands of change and then if you still fail it is not a reason for regret. Doing all you can is liberating even if for some reason it does not pan out just as you had hoped. Inaction never changes your location in the big picture. But attempting any change will take you many miles further along the path to journeys end.