Sunday, February 06, 2005

Online Friends

I have many online friends, from all over the world, and I value every one. They are not just words on a screen. I never lose sight of the fact that real fingers push the keys that compose those words.
Some people find a comfortable online home somewhere and get to know the people who share it. I found a place of comfort at MSN Gaming Zone, Backgammon, Basement and I have a family of sorts there. My nickname is PattiesPen and I am real too.
One thing I hate about online friendships is the fact that sometimes people disappear and leave you wondering. Sometimes it is as simple as a broken computer, sometimes it is much more serious. Sometimes you never find out what happened, sometimes you do.
Yesterday we learned the fate of one of the basements most beloved residents who we had not seen in months, so I place her obituary here for all who knew her and all who did not. Use it to remind yourself that real people push the keys, bright people, useful people, wonderful people. Heaven gained an angel worth the halo when Athena (Mary Porter Jeffries) made her journey home.