Sunday, February 13, 2005

Love Resides Here

I have no power to stop war, or I would use it in a heartbeat. But I do have the power to care about and soothe pain. It is my passion, my reason for getting out of bed in the morning, and my expression of love for the walking wounded I encounter along the way. Takes one to know one, they say and that is truer than some realize. A reflection I recognize, a mirror image, if you will.
Love resides at Journey's End and a family of sorts gathers here in support of each other, no matter what the issues are. It is a place of joy as well as tragedy. A touchstone of sorts for some. A life-jacket for others. It is an oasis amid the confusion that belongs to all who visit. It was built in your honor.
Happy Valentines Day to each of you. Celebrate love in whatever way you can, because when it is all said and done how you love is the easiest way to define who you really are. Happy birthday tomorrow, Jerry.