Saturday, February 12, 2005

A Little Light

When I was going through my own awakening nobody was there encouraging me to take just one more step, so I pass out hope nowadays by the bucket full. My longing for a map seemed an extra burden to carry, so I simply created one in the hopes that others would not lose their way as easily as I did. No arrows pointed my way. No lights were posted on the trail. I often stumbled along in half shadow or total darkness, so my posts here are lights to help others see. And in total darkness even a little light goes a long way.
The light inside each of us is precious and perfect for lighting our way, but sometimes it gets so covered with debris that it is useless. We get so dogged down by life that we stop trying. And no effort at all just allows everything to unravel at lightning speed. No matter how you slice it failure is part of the mix, but learning how to cope with it makes every success all the sweeter.
Find your light, and once it is in working order use it to guide your footsteps, but do not be selfish with its comfort. Share it when you are able, because even a little light goes a long way in illuminating pitch black tunnels leading to safety.