Monday, February 14, 2005


My best friend and her family adopted me after Jerry passed away. They include me in everything they do, as if I belonged up in their business at every twist and turn. On this day that celebrates love, I want to thank them all for keeping me involved in things when it would have been all to easy to just vegetate. Each of them is precious, but Vicky takes the prize, and she has more than earned it.
I have to be careful of the dreams I mention, or she will breaks her back trying to help me achieve them. I limit what wishes I make in her company. So many firsts have been mastered at her side. So many small dreams experienced because of her good will and the good sense to have married a man who does not mind a third wheel tagging along.
Small dreams picked by a best friend, and handed to me one by one make a beautiful bouquet. From 4wheelers to a comedy club night out: from health club to princess slippers: from the farm to float trips: from race track to hay ride, each blossom has its own aroma and hue. To the woman who shares all she has without thought I love you. To her family, I love you too.
Vicky, thank you also for asking me if today would be extra hard, because its Jerry's birthday. You are the only one who has mentioned it so far. Last year was rough, this year easier by far, because I am working so hard at achieving larger dreams than staying stationary would support. Hugs and kisses to the Lewis clan on this day that celebrates love. Thank you all for the beautiful bouquet of dreams and for the gentle touch that always soothes me just when I need it most.