Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Value Of Family

This topic was suggested, so I will do my best to deliver some insight, if possible. I let the subject lay dormant during a bubble bath and as I wrapped up in my ole fluffy robe the direction of my thoughts highlighted the different slant this writers mind has on the subject. The value of a good family is priceless, the waste of a bad family is tragic, but life offers enough variety of family groups that it is impossible to fail to have a good one somewhere.
First there is your birth family, where you have no control over membership. Then there is your own family of which we have control of mates, but children are not handpicked, although loved. After that comes extended families that come along with the I do's. As far as I can tell the only family where every member is chosen by you personally is your family of friends.
Some are picked because they fill the space left empty by a member of another family type. Some are chosen because they sooth an ache to have a type of family member not available in a birth family. My best friend is closer than the sister I never had, ever could have been. Some are included just because you cannot imagine a life without them in it.
God in all His wisdom understood that humans with all their frailties would need more than one way to possess a happy healthy family. The value of a good family is priceless, no matter which type you possess. Celebrate the one's you have, and that will go a long way toward replacing any you lack.