Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Small Hurdles Verses Tall

Sometimes our eyes are locked so firmly upon the tall hurdles in our path that small ones send us crashing to the ground as our toe catches on something we did not, in all honesty, even realize was there. It happens to all of us, even the wise. The amount of damage suffered and how long it takes to rise depends on a persons determination to scale the real mountain.
Some roll on the ground in pity for self. Some sit licking wounds so long they lose sight of destinations end. Some wait for a passerby to assist them to their feet. I get so irritated with myself for landing on my face that I jump up instantly after I kiss the ground. Those sudden stops and skinned knees could be avoided by looking not only at where I wish to end up, but also of what stands in my path of getting there. Knowing that does not always guarantee a fall free journey. But attention to detail certainly lessens down time in even the most obstacle strewn landscape.
You might see me fall. You might hear me swear upon landing. You might see me struggle to rise, and watch me limp as I travel on. But you will never see me sitting idle in place of wounding. I will never be the one moaning why me as I point out my injuries. I already know the why of such mishaps. And I know where the real fault lies. If I catch my toe on a small hurdle it is only because I was traveling too quickly to be aware of ground level issues.
It is a simple thing to adjust the speed as needed while traveling. It is an easy thing to look down from time to time as you step along. But human nature is to rush toward the prize, so re-training that nature to more careful movement has to be a deliberate act. And sometimes old lessons dressed in new colors have to re-introduce themselves to be fully learned.

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