Thursday, January 13, 2005

Breathing Space

This week has been a journey through some treacherous territory. Inhabitants of my home rose from 2 to 7 on Sunday, I stopped smoking on Monday, and I am still sane on Thursday. I rose to the occasion, as is my habit, but am ready now for a breather. Fate may ignore my need, so a safety net is firmly in place to give me enough distance from everything for easier breathing.
Paying attention to my needs as I help others tend to theirs keeps me centered. My bedroom has become a haven, off-limits to uninvited guests. During times when others lean on my strength I demand this oasis and they respect my boundaries. Without a place to gather strength, I would fail us all.
I have expanded this beloved office/bedroom to include both computers. When busy writing, I place my, (DON'T BUG ME) sign on doorknob, secure in the knowledge that unless the house is burning down nobody will intrude.
I gave all other space to the rest of the gang, sharing it gladly as a safety net for their needs. My daughter spent some time here at journeys end, and is on my callwave right now as I write these words, from the phone of her own home telling me that two angry people are not angry anymore. Maybe fate is taking care of my needs, after all, either way I had my back.
Take care of others, lending a hand when you can, but tend to yourself too. Everyone will benefit in the end. Self awareness is not the same thing as being self-absorbed or selfish. Learn the difference and be generous with whatever your soul demands for peacefulness.