Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Priceless Friends

Family is what you are stuck with. You have no choice in whether they are compatable to your nature. They are your birthright, sometimes blessing, sometimes curse, but always as unpredictable as playing the lottery.
Friends, on the other hand, are handpicked, chosen by your heart for the benifit of your soul. They can and often do fill holes left by the needs not meet by families.
Friendships come in many different shades and flavors, each precious in its own right. Each unique to the needs met in two hearts. Having many does not lessen the importance of any one friend. Once placed securly inside your heart, each owns the spot they inhabit.
The heathiest friendships of all ask nothing more than the right to share space. They never seek to control; they never try to conquer territory not given freely.
Sometimes when you hold a winning ticket you find a perfect friend or two inside your family tree. But if you do not they are scattered everywhere as you travel toward journey's end. Choose wisely. Fill your heart to burstin. Make your life friend rich and no matter what your birthright was it will matter hardly at all.