Monday, October 11, 2004

Did You Ever?? Be a book worth reading.

If I were a book, would I be on the best seller list? Would I become a classic? Would I be a featured selection of Oprah's book club? My mind loves to consider such things. What ifs are a passion of mine.
What message would readers be left with once they closed the cover and held it all fresh in their minds? I believe that whoever we touch, however briefly, is influenced by it somehow. Would my influence at that moment be positive. If I left hope behind, or a quieter heart my chances of both best seller list and classic status would be assured.
Can readers relate to the things I have lived through? Can they understand what I did and why? Are at least some of my struggles human experiences that the masses can comprehend? Has my story line been enlightening, or did I spend the whole manuscript making the same mistakes?
Is there enough passion? Are the good moments bright enough to light even the darkest chapters of my story? Did I stay who I really was enough to let others see who I really was? Did I live my life or give it to someone else?
Did I whine too much; complain endlessly; frown more than I smiled; scream when a whisper would have been better heard? Did I cause more hurt than healing? Was I a bully or a victim of one? Was I honest to a fault or a liar to the bone?
If tomorrow it was printed for public view is enough resolved to make a happy ending possible? Will the people who read it be left with a hunger to know what happens next? Would I be asked to do a sequel?
Did I act out of spite too often? Did I give as much back as I took? Will the readers love my victories or delight in my defeats? Was my trail through life marked with people I damaged or helped? Have I let go of all the blame? Has my mind been open more than my mouth?
Was I slow to judge, if I bothered to judge at all? Did I expect too much, or not nearly enough? Did I look at the bright side every chance I had? Was the glass half empty or half full?
Did I pay enough attention to the things that really matter? Did I go the easy path for comfort or the right one for the strength of my soul? Did I make a difference; has anything around me been changed, for the better, because of something I did, or said, or wrote?
Did I kick an enemy when they were down or help them up and make peace? Did I pick fights or pick my fights? Did I have to be right too often or was I human enough to at least some of the time admit my wrongs with grace?
Would I be happy with the sum of its many chapters? Would I want to read it myself? The questions you ask yourself and the honest answers you give will tell you easily if your book would be worth the reading.
My answer is yes, but I am always striving to make the story more interesting. I look at that half full glass daily and try to add to the volume of its content.
I care much more about where I am heading than where I have been. I have learned all I can from the past and the future is wide open with possibliities. Any limits are self inflicted obstacles.
If an answer did not come to you the instant you read the question, take heart. I spent years in rewrites before I could finaly answer yes.