Monday, June 26, 2006

"Wit has truth in it; wisecracking is simply calisthenics with words." Dorothy Parker, 1893-1967, American Writer

Words are wonderful tools. Every emotion under the sun can be invoked instantly by words spoken, heard, or read. One of the best uses is humor, and the spark ignites in an ever widening circle as others just naturally join in with the nonsense that one truly witty phrase can inspire.

Irony is one of my favorite styles of humor, using it as a measure most things can be seen as worthy of a chuckle or two at their expense. Ironic topics teach us to not take everything so seriously; often dry humor removes the stinger from a pesty situation, making it much less threatening to contemplate.

A well-put witty notion can be like a snowball rolling downhill, picking up speed as it travels. I have seen dozens of people transformed into quivering jesters, with tears running down their faces, by some of the strangest inane statements. A whole mass of people with the same foolish notion become as one, each trying to outdo one another, and nobody within earshot is immune to its healing magic.

When life seems too burdensome, there is nothing quite as welcome as a belly laugh to get some perspective. Giving into doom and gloom only weighs down an already too heavy load, but laughter gives us more energy for carrying whatever we must. Mirth is as beneficial to the spirit as a daily workout is to the body. Exercise your wit and it will transform a sagging spirit to buff and beautiful in seconds flat.

I wrote this in 06 and as I look around 11 yrs later I'm often horrified by how insane the world has gotten. First off speaking at all has become as iffy as walking through a mine field. You might reach the end of a sentence without being blown to bits but making good sense without calling a spade a spade is a real challenge since so many of our precious words are suddenly verbal TNT. The list of things that cannot simply be said grows daily... like crossed off items on what used to be a rich and delightful menu... and most of the waiters in this twisted banquet hall have an agenda. Request the wrong item and you'll surly get lectured about something.

Humor has been altered by the censorship of a sort of mass madness that has infected a loud and angry portion of the audience. Irony is still thick and rich in possibilities, but left mostly untouched. Laughing at ourselves has been replaced by the strange fashion of being overly offended by damn near everything. I refuse to jump on that bus. Words are my delight... all of them... it's only how they're strung together that matters. And frankly I think that too many people simply don't listen to the whole of a message before they get stuck on stupid because of a word or two here and there. Words gently put could be our salvation, but nowadays they're all too often bent on our destruction.

Too few are gently said... and fewer still are truly heard. The struggle is all too real nowadays; when every word is picked over, twisted, and reported as poison it's difficult not to find yourself intentionally misunderstood by someone with an agenda and too much attitude. Land sakes lets get a grip before speaking at all goes out of style. Stay sane or who'll man the asylum? Stay centered in this tipped sideways world or risk being driven off a cliff by the stampede of those freely spinning people who feed problems until they're bloated beyond recognition.

They never offer any solutions while they gather, create, manufacture, and mutilate our language to be used as weapons in a war of words that never encourages any healthy debate. Remember just because someone is the loudest it doesn't mean they're correct... fact is when any human is driven to such madness to get their point across then more often than not it's ego that's talking and not reason. All bullies don't look alike, but they do sound the same. Nowadays we have more need than ever for laughter and less reasons to exercise it.

Rebel... don't play their game. Say what's in your heart, but say it gently. Use all your words in a reasonable manner so that when the screaming stops there'll be a choirs of peacekeepers singing for the benefit of every listener. Don't give voice to your ego... let your soul be your spokesman and have a message worthy of our beautiful language... uncut, uncensored, and unconditional in its love for our fellowman. God Bless You All AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!