Thursday, May 25, 2006

TODAY'S QUOTE: Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. Guillaume Apollinaire, 1880-1918, French Poet and Writer

The search for happiness is often so frantic that we rush by the very things that would guarantee its rightful place in our lives. Some of us imagine it has something to do with the stockpiling of money, or possessions. Those things do add a level of comfort and opportunity that a poorer individual doesn't share. But we all posses the same status when it comes to the pursuit of happiness. The playing field is level; we just fumble the ball a bit differently according to our net worth. Things would be much simpler if everyone just adjusted their mindset to reflect these three important principles. 1- Money is man made and so are the things it can buy. 2- Happiness is priceless, but its free. 3- Our ability to find it doesn't depend on traveling even an inch, so stop looking all around and start looking up inside! 

It's a state of mind, not something you can find in a store, or deposit in a bank account. You can't order it from a catalog. It can't be stolen from someone else and worn by you. In fact, trying that will cost you more dearly than the imagination can conceive. Happiness can't be trapped like it's some kind of exotic animal. The fastest among us don't win it like a trophy and the slowest don't lose it by default. Wasting of time and energy won't do a damn thing except wear you out and break your spirit. No matter what you invest in your quest, if you're looking in the wrong place you'll never even get a glimpse of its splendor. The solution is simple; look in the right location! Ask your soul for directions! Once you reach your destination, defending its boarders is necessary. Some damn fool is always ready to wipe a smile off your face... don't let them or what's the point! They'll leave you with costly repairs, but they'll do nothing to assist in damage control. Fact is, they can't help; the buck truly stops with you.

When you come to fully realize just how determined invaders can be to wreck havoc, it's quite easy to summon up the will to defend yourself. No violence is necessary to guarantee their defeat. Simply don't engage. A bully won't fight alone for long. They want to look strong, not foolish. Stand your ground, and save your smile. The situations of your life and the people who inhabit it can't take, unless you allow it. And nobody else can give it to you in any kind of lasting fashion. Moments of joy aren't the same as real happiness, which comes from inside and radiates outward. The simplest things teach us the most important lessons about real happiness. The best way to achieve it is to give it away moment by precious moment.

The spring is an internal one, fed by the soul in a never ending flow. Once discovered it never dries up, although it does slow down during times of worry and stress. Look inside, it's there just waiting for you to tap its resources. It won't come find you, but if you want it badly enough it'll certainly meet you more than half way.