Monday, April 24, 2006

Wing Building

Sometimes you have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.
Kobi Yamada

Life inspires all kinds of fears and boundaries, trusting yourself enough to leap over them and risk a hard fall is not an easy task, but the alternative is half a life with no soaring possibilities. I could have let hundreds of hurts and abuses stop my hunger to fly. I could have been content to rut dwell. I could have done as many do and felt so sorry for myself that I spoiled all I touched with the taint of self pity and impotent sorrow, but I did not.
Falling is always a possibility, none of us are guaranteed a fall free life. To attempt anything always has the risk of failure, but to not attempt anything is certain failure by default. What a waste that is to never try or to stop trying because once you fell or a hundred times over you hit the ground. So success is worth any number of failures or there would not be lunatics like me still leaping off into the great unknown and hoping for a softer landing.
Beating someone over the head with the results of a failed flight is futile, and it is also a bit neurotic. I hit hard not so long ago, but I do not waste my time on the one who held their arms out and said trust me and jump. He got his pound of flesh and I got the hell away from him. I was at fault too so what good would it do to point fingers now and bellow. Not me!! Let him enjoy someone else's pain he is not privy to mine.
I was delusioned by my own wishes and hopes. I believed when I should not have, but who is the bad one here? Not me so why keep on paying the price for a crash landing. I see others going on and on and endlessly on over less costly flights and I just want to push them off the nearest cliff and show them what a real unexpected crash feels like. Why waste your life moaning about what never was and never will be to someone who never cared as you wanted them to.
I got up and dusted myself off, told the person what I thought then moved on. He heard it once and that was plenty, saying it over and over would not change a blessed thing. I will not give one more moment to a lost cause, there is too much of real value to contemplate to rent space in my head to a fools dreams.
So all you dreaming fools who are stuck at your point of impact, follow me back up to the soaring spot and take flight for a better cause than the one that landed you in a heap. The world has no respect for the cry babies who never make another attempt, but everyone loves the underdog who refuses to stop trying.