Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Soul Rainbow

The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.
John Vance Cheney, 1848-1922, American Poet

Heartache has its season and its contrast to times of joy only make them more joyful. The pain of childbirth quickly fades to distant memory once you embrace the product of all your agony. Joy is the rainbow after the storm. No territory is storm free, and no life exempt from the ravages of nature, although some of us seem to possess better rain gear.
Fair weather or foul, how we clothe ourselves is up to each of us. If protective clothing is available it ought to be worn, if not it ought to be fashioned. Special care should be given to fabric; absorbent material only get wetter, and weighs heavy upon the wearer. Wrapping yourself in the wrong kind of cloth is often worse than no protection at all.
A bare frame will air dry ages before one covered in sponges even ends dripping puddles everywhere.
The same can be said for our spirits. Surround it with all the tears ever shed and it will be so overwhelmed that it will never even notice the rainbow. Treasuring pain dismisses joy before it ever gets a chance to heal. Soaking up agony and collecting tears seems such a sad waste of time. Cry if you must then dry your eyes and turn them upward. If you must worship something let it be the rainbow that follows every storm.