Friday, March 24, 2006

No Loving Time

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.
Mother Teresa

I find judging a tiresome trait, bringing pain not always earned from someone who has no right, but a lot of nerve. I see beyond things, knowing that the obvious is not always the most important thing to focus upon. A lot of actions are simply foolish reactions to pain or fear and have little to do with a persons true character. Sometimes not judging encourages other's to see for themselves facts they would deny if someone else brought it to their attention. And judges have little or no tact about how they toss the verdict at the person they convict.
I think it makes more sense to try to help heal the cause than to add to it. I believe a gentle touch can do more good than a wagging tongue and a pointing finger. Who am I to measure anyone else's guilt when I carry plenty of my own? And the same can be asked of each of us.
Suspend judgment of things not your direct concern, and the things your business try looking deeper and the need to judge just might disappear. If it does not still leave it go, giving it to a higher power to sort for payment. We are not God's bookkeepers. None of us are worthy of grading one another, because none of us can be held blameless. Why should we expect someone else to reach a state of behavior that we cannot? I do not care who you be, you truly are not the judge of me.
Gentleness soothes the hurt, and a closed mouth and open ears invite the wounded to say things to you they need to hear in their own voice to really understand. I have often realized the reason behind a negative actions just mere seconds before the one committing them absorbs the implications of words that come out of their own mouths. There is a powerful energy behind every dawning of that sort, and lessons learned that way work the best.
Deciding to change a negative has to come from inside the person committing it. They are often acting out of anger and coming at them like a Mack Truck only pisses them off more. And it is not our right to run other people over with what too often is just an opinion made without much evidence. Leave your heart free for love and your mind free for a measure of empathy; walk in their shoes gently, listen for a bit to the silent screams for understanding and share a dawning.