Thursday, March 30, 2006

How Deep Can You Go

To reach a great height a person needs to have great depth.
Source Unknown

It is impossible to make an ocean by stringing together a series of shallow puddles. Petty minds think only of petty things; indulging in or condoning the use of gossip leaves little space to fill with weightier notions. To some a brief moment of feeling like a know it all is completely satisfying, but mucking about in other people's business only means you must have too little of your own worth the bother. Simply repeating twisted facts and half truths about someone else is not a difficult task, any fool can do it and most of them do.
We often expend a ridiculous amount of time and energy on the most foolish of pastimes. Idle minds will fill with whatever is nearest at hand for easy amusement with little or no return. The fact that reaching greater heights takes time and effort kinda keeps it from being more popular than it is, but there is nothing quite as liberating as a healthy brain stretch. Real depth takes digging then each shovel full has to be deposited somewhere before the next can be scooped up.
The past must be pardoned before the present can be faced or the future contemplated. Nobody can walk in all three places at once, although many of us attempt it again and again. Plant your feet firmly in today and see how deep you can go. Once you find your bottomless space then soaring to greater heights is a breeze.