Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Opportunity For More

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.
Jonas Salk, 1914-1995, American Physician and Inventor of the first polio vaccine

Any job well done naturally leads toward additional avenues of opportunity, broadening horizons and expanding spirits in the most miraculous ways. My favorite avenue to travel or watch someone else go down is one that hones a natural talent. We all have at least one; careful tending of whatever gift you possess improves quality of life to an almost impossible to imagine degree.
When you carry a treasure it is no burden and when you work with natural talent it is no toil. Doing the best you can at what comes as second nature is a cinch, no struggle needed to work up enthusiasm for polishing a treasure.
I have never considered the phrase, "second nature" in quite this way before; enlightenment just happens so effortlessly sometimes. I suppose from this moment on I will see two different natures inside each of us. The first one shaped by circumstances and our attitude toward them, the second shaped or left shapeless by our notice of it. Look for it, because it does exist.
Every gift, not necessarily artsy but each an art. There are no small natural talents, none more important than the rest and if all would polish them to their brightest gleam, the earth would be a much gentler planet. Work on it, make it a job well done, and the rewards will be worthy of the effort.