Sunday, February 19, 2006

Excellent Parts

I may not be totally perfect, but parts of me are excellent.
Ashleigh Brilliant (b. 1933)

Well, it is a given that none among us is ever totally perfect and any pretense of possessing such a lofty position just makes a person appear ridiculous. We can only strive to be better at not being so terribly imperfect and avoid criticizing the short comings we notice in others. I am human and fallible, exercising those options is the best I can do to travel toward a destination none of us can ever hope to reach. The fact I cannot climb to the heights of perfection does not keep me from heading in that direction.
But we each possess excellent parts; some of us know this while others do not, and we all act according to our knowledge or lack thereof. We often see the excellence in other people and feel less wonderful standing in their shadow. We let self-doubt rob us and the world of the special glow that only we possess.
We allow other hands to flip that light off or bury its illumination under baggage they force us to carry. We give ourselves less credit and ignore the promise that is every humans birthright. We become wooden or puppet-like to be safe from heartache and exchange our priceless parts for half a life.
Shining draws attention, the comfort of invisibility urges us to dim it or put it out altogether. Illuminating our surroundings demands we give attention to the careful study of and coping with whatever we find there, which takes energy we sometimes do not possess.
But our excellent parts hold such strength, leaving that fountain untapped stunts our growth. Placing ourselves willingly into a weakened state then hiding in the back row of life's classroom just invites misfortune. Where do you think the bullies look for the easy victims? Believe you possess some excellent parts and others will believe it too. Convince yourself that you shine not and nothing you try will ever convince others that you do. Create the reality that lets you glow.