Thursday, November 10, 2005

Possessing A Kingdom

A good mind possesses a kingdom.
Seneca, 3 B.C. - 65 A.D.
Roman Philosopher/Statesman/Dramatist

The kingdom of the mind is a territory that belongs to whoever rules it. I rule mine, but have given some power to others, from time to time. The limit of their power is much different nowadays than it was long ago. The fact that it took twenty years to wrestle control away from a tyrant makes it hard for me to let all the strings go at one time, which is a positive thing, to say the least.
The beauty of your kingdom does not only depend upon who rules it, but also by what rules it. I have a better hold upon those reins than ever before, and suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg. I hunger for a kingdom free from anything that will bind me to narrow minded ideas and concepts.
I do not gossip, so there is no trash blowing around of that sort, but I do have my demons like every human. The difference is that I wrestle them with all my might when necessary. There was a time when I just drifted where sensations dictated, but now I know that to be the wrong approach to satisfy the urge I have to be more than ordinary.
Some think me naive, yet that is very far from the truth. I know evil and meanness is a part of life. I realize some humans live their whole life by manipulating others to do their bidding. I know that the internet makes this all too easy. I recognize that I am often drawn to people who are less than honest with me, but I also see clearly that they are dishonest with themselves also.
I see under things, viewing people more fully than most do. I feel the torment of some and my longing to ease it somehow makes me all the more gentle with them. I try not to encourage bad behavior, but I stop short of preaching in a way that inspires them to close their ears to what I do say. I do not judge people guilty, I judge them human and let them know this.
I have been played before; there is no shame in being a victim, unless you willingly allow that condition to continue. The defect is in the player, unless you enable them. A person who cannot function without deceit is never a part of my kingdom for long. Words said to manipulate or placate only work so long before they show themselves to be empty and barren.
What I stuff into my brain is mostly positive. What I give to others is mostly positive too. My kingdom is at hand, and its beauty depends on the brightness of my soul. And in this I think I am safe enough to say with confidence that my kingdom will be a place worth living in and inviting others to visit. I hope you can say the same.