Monday, October 24, 2005

Your Castle

Surely it is sublime to think that the brain is a castle, and that within its curious bastions and winding halls the soul, in spite of all worlds and all beings, is the supreme sovereign of itself.
Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899)"Individuality", 1873

In every way that matters our brain is our castle; what sort of castle it resembles is up to us, we hold the power to make it a place of bright light or of dark shadow. It can be open for tours or a perfect place to hide, with walls so thick nothing can penetrate. I have lived in various castles, during my lifetime, and I am still struggling to be completely free of the walls of the last one.
I have called myself a tower princess for two years, but the time of resting safe and secure behind old walls is quickly drawing to a close. The feeling of being smothered has been replaced by a breathlessness that makes my soul sing. Only I hold myself here now, and realizing that has set me free. Where I end up is anyone's guess, but wherever it is I know it will be a lifetime away from this place that knew so much darkness and shadow.
Walls erected in defense are no longer necessary. Locks forged from fear lay shattered at my feet. The drawbridge is down, guards dismissed, old armor discarded, old habits tossed away, new horizons examined, and a new castle ready for occupation in a universe I will create as I go.