Tuesday, September 20, 2005

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Understanding others is wisdom. Understanding yourself is enlightenment.
Lao-tzu (c.604-c.531 BC)

If I could only choose one type of understanding, I would naturally opt for the enlightening kind. But...Thank God, it is more than possible to do each separately, or both at once, interlocking lessons learned where they apply. We so often give others the benefit of a doubt, thinking higher of them than they ever do of themselves, while demanding perfection from ourselves. Seeing yourself clearly, warts and all is not always pleasant, but it is always enlightening.
Once I gazed deep, so much of what had happened to me made better sense. Looking not only at facts, and acts, but the reasons behind them gained me valuable knowledge that inspired change and growth. Love, made me turn my eyes toward my tormenter with the same unwavering gaze, which encouraged him to travel with me. It was not a pointing finger, of blame, that inspired him to drop all the walls and finally be real. My hand in his, and soft reasonable words made the trip less threatening. The blame game is for the ones with no clue of how to repair what is broken.
Wisdom and enlightenment dawned in my life, during that time. He knew soul deep that if he chose to stay where he was I would quickly out-grow that location. I would have walked away, guilt free. I knew that finally, and once I possessed knowledge from my secret garden, he knew by proxy. Not because I ranted, but because I unfolded to my proper height. How tall are you? Chances are you may be underestimating your true height. I know I certainly did.