Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Building Confidence

Optimism means expecting the best, but confidence means knowing how to handle the worst. Never make a move if you are merely optimistic. The Zurich Axioms

By nature I am an optimist, but since I also know how to face whatever I must, agreeing with this quote is a no-brainer. I have always been an optimist. But I was not always confident. Before I learned to value myself, I was a mouse who did every thing I could to apologize for taking up space.
I am a mouse no more. My awakening demanded that I take responsibility for the space I owned. I stopped saying sorry by word or deed for things that were not my own sorrows. Standing toe-to-toe with tragedy has given me enough practice to feel comfortable with using confidence as a tool to make travel easier.
Confidence makes strides firmer. Belief in self gives a sense of security; no matter what happens, if you stay true to self, it will all work itself out in the end. And self assurance changes how others approach you. If a weakness is noticed there is always someone all too glad to wound you. But if you stand tall it makes your almost bulletproof.