Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My Metamorphosis Map

Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis.
Martha Beck , O Magazine, Growing Wings, January 2004

The comment I received from yesterday's post altered the direction I was planning on taking with the topic that today's quote suggests. But I enjoy detours, if they lead to somewhere worth going to. And Unicow's comment is certainly a place worthy of visiting. I agree with him, but I want to expand and clarify, until every reader has a clear view of the place where I so firmly stand.
Journey's End is a map of my own continuing metamorphosis, but that is just a small portion of how I envision this location. It was and always will be a reflection of what is going on inside of me. But I am not alone here. This place is populated with readers, many of whom tell me that reading my posts is like chatting with me. I write everyday to let them know someone is always home here.
If I fail in getting to this place that houses so many pieces of me, I will still be who I was before I started the trip here. Journey's End is inside of me, but it lives inside of some of its visitor's too. This is the place where many join, and the distance between has no meaning. I see it as a home where all are welcome to take the honored guest seat on their initial visits, but after that they belong to a family, of sorts.
I may have built the frame of this house, but you make it a home. I do not view myself as more important than any who come inside. This house would be lonely without visitors. I would not miss an empty house, but I do miss a populated home when I cannot reach its doorway. So to me Journey's End is part me and part you. Every time you visit I want to be here gently saying, "Welcome home." And I want to continue hearing the gentle reply, "It's so good to be here."