Monday, February 28, 2005

Mole Hill Mountains

I took a crash course in computer repair. I went from fumbling to confident in the three days it took me to get a cable hook up working like a well tuned clock. The mountain seemed insurmountable, but I scaled it. In a real heart deep way I am thankful things went down like they did.
If the cable guy had just been able to do what I asked it would have been much easier. I was not surprised when it was not that simple. Nothing in my life has been over easy so far. But I believe that the lessons I learned were necessary, and will work together toward a common good. I gained confidence and knowledge about a venue I must master to step forward. I faced a fear. I defanged a blood sucker. I climbed to the mountain top and planted my flag. I tried and succeeded.
I had help along the way, and support too. I could not have done it otherwise, but I chose a navigator I trusted then I trusted myself enough to attempt every step suggested. When I got so far and got stuck that navigator handed me off to technical support. And on the journey from one guide to the other I paused long enough to try it all on my own. No net. No compass. Bingo! I succeeded solo where I had failed with a co-pilot. I had learned enough to manage it on my own.
When I finally got on the line with cable tech support the tools were all in place. I had replaced the pci nic card and installed the drivers, yadda, yadda, yadda. A few minutes later I performed the simple tasks the cable guy had not been able to do on Thursday. And after it was up and running I thanked God that it had been a burden I had to learn how to carry.
The next time you are faced with something hard that ought to have been easy ask yourself if maybe it is that way for a reason. What lesson can be learned that will place you in a more powerful position whether you master it or not. Pay close attention on your climb. I did and the joy of having cable is such a special thing, because it took real effort to gain it. I feel so much more capable to face what is ahead for this site and in my life, all due to a mole hill mountain reduced to smooth sand under my marching feet.