Saturday, February 26, 2005

Internal Springtime

Today more than made up for Thursday. I spent the afternoon and early evening riding 4wheelers with my best friend. Spring may be a while off yet, but I had no trouble seeing its shadow everywhere I looked. Anticipation is a wondrous thing, and I am riding on a wave of it that makes every moment magical.
Spring is such a wondrous season. Nature experiences a rebirth then that we can emulate any day of the year. It is a season of hope. Winter is like the dark times of our lives, times we deal with the best way we can. The knowledge that springtime of the soul awaits us at the end of the struggle is a sturdy tool to make the wait seem worthwhile. And creating internal spring is possible. But it takes practice to master it on command, and vigilance to make it an everyday reality.
Rebirth is self motivated. We do not have to wait for a certain date to begin changing an internal climate. The only requirement to begin a reawakening is an intense desire for a sunnier day. Each person knows the difference between the things they can alter and the things they have no control over, yet humans all too often rant and rave loudest over the unchangeable. It seems easier for some people to rage over uncontrollable issues than to simply tackle the things that can be fixed.
I fix what I can and do not stress about what I can not. Wasting precious springtime soul days in a self created winter just makes no sense to me. And not focusing on the darkness that is coming from outside sources leaves more free space for sunshine. Keep in mind that piling snow up against your doors only blocks all escapes, and piling it against your windows shuts out all light. The climate outdoors is not adjustable, but the thermostat for internal atmosphere is within reach of all of us.