Sunday, December 12, 2004

Seeking To Be Wise

I am actively seeking wisdom, while I go about the task of aging as slowly as possible. My body will certainly grow older with every tick of the clock, but my heart and soul can be ageless if I grow in wisdom enough to be worth talking to once I can do little else. Broadening myself now in ways that will benefit others later is my aim.
I spent twenty-four years working with the elderly, and studied first hand the many differences between the
ordinary and the wise. The I, me mentality, carried from cradle to grave is a sure sign of ordinary. An ordinary elder will notice what everyone else has and covet more than their fair share. Like selfish children they pile up the largest stack of toys then cry because no one wants to play. Most often they only want an audience, not an active playmate.
The wise notice what everyone else has too, but give of their own bounty to someone who has less, evening the score somehow. Wise elders help God to grade on a curve that helps everyone. They glow with a special fire, and leave a warmth behind that lasts a lifetime. Other humans, of any age, are drawn to them, hanging onto words spoken that echo on long after they are gone. I bet each person reading this can name at least one wise elder who touched them in some unforgettable way.
Every life is full of opportunities to gain insight. Times filled with hunger to know or understand, where our link in the chain is positioned, are common to all. My focus is just dedicated toward lesson learning so that if I ever reach my golden years, I can do my part to help even the odds for everyone.