Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Courage

Fear is an enemy to all mankind. Some things do need to inspire fear, for that keeps us safe from harm. But to let groundless fears paralyze you from change, when change is the only thing that will set you free, is a crime that will land you in a prison of your own construction.
Fear the fire so you do not get burned. Fear deep water if you can not swim. Fear the real dangers of life, giving them the respect of listening to their message, but do not heed the foolish fears that come from standing in one place too long.
Have the courage to alter what you can about a life that is making you unhappy. Change what gives you real grief, and you will be above the fingers of fear that hold you in place. Try something new, an avenue never taken before and the freedom of your soul will give you the courage to live the life you never dared to dream possible.
I am committed to the path I follow. No other human dictates my footsteps and I depend on no human for my own happiness. In my travels I have found the courage to say with certainty that even if I walk this path alone, I will find true happiness in every step I take.
I stumble, for sure, from time to time. I ache for a hand to hold, at times too. But when I fall I have the strength to get up again without assistance. And the hand I wish to grasp is not one that will pull me along, but one that will give simple companionship on the journey.
God, grant me the courage needed to always live the life you gifted me with. Fate, blow a gentle wind at my back to keep me ever going in the right direction. Destiny, be a light that beckons me forever forward. Time, be precious enough that I spend you with good sense. Life, embrace me when no other arms do. If I travel past my fears all the above are mine for the taking.